Top Tips to Protect Your Dog This Holiday Season

White long coat small dog on brown wooden table

You will also agree that the holiday season is the most special time for families. Pet lovers also find it special to include their dogs and cats during holiday festivities. Although holidays bring lots of fun, including decorations and celebrations, unfortunately, it brings potential hazards for our pets as well. You must ensure that this holiday season should be all about pain, and there should be no pain for you as well as for your pets. But how?

Well, this post suggests some useful tips that can help you protect your pet during the holiday season to make the most of the opportunity. Let’s begin!

Don’t Give “People Food” to Your Pets

Food is indeed one of the biggest parts of any holiday or celebration. But you must know that most of them are not good for our canine friends. Garlic and onions, basic ingredients in any food, are very toxic to pets. Thus, you should keep such ingredients out of the reach of your pets while preparing for dinner.

Another common element that rocks your party is alcohol, and it is extremely hazardous for your pets. Then comes the cooked bones of the turkey. It can cause severe results in the digestive tract of your pets. Always buy and feed treats and chews made specifically for them.

Ensure that Everyone Is Aware of the Rules

If you are having guests in your home (that you will certainly have), make efforts to let them know that you have a pet in the house. You must also make them familiar with the rules in order to avoid problems later. For example, they must know that the doors should be shut down so that the dog does not get outside.

Also, feeding your pet all the table scraps is against the rules. Here you must supervise the children throughout the party. Also, focus on whether your dog loves attention or wants to be left alone.

Block All the Decorations that Cannot Be Placed Out of Reach

Dogs are very curious in nature, and every time they need something unusual, they tend to investigate the same with their mouth and also with their nose and eyes. Most of the decoration articles have attractive and chewy textures and tastes at times.

Though dogs don’t like things, particularly peppermint candies or evergreen trees, they will naturally be curious. Chewing glass ornaments, electrical cords or any trees or especially plants can lead to disastrous results and will let you have an unavoidable trip to the veterinarian.

Create A Separate Space

Be it Christmas poppers or fireworks during New Year’s Eve, or even holiday carollers, all these make a great noise and undoubtedly, this will make your pet frightened like hell. In addition to that, if you are entertaining your guests to do all these, the pet may get more stressed by more new people in the house. Thus, it is important to create a separate and unique space for your pets.

It could be a closed-off room where they will not get scared of strangers and sounds. If you are hosting the park in your yard, then you consider electric fence options for dogs installed at the entry of the garden or lawn area. This will restrict your dog from entering the garden area both out of fear and curiosity.

Always have a Contingency Plan for Emergencies

Well, it may sound strange, but it’s better to consider that there might be some unfortunate emergency while you are enjoying the celebrations. This will help you to be prepared for the emergency and will also help you to have the best arrangements. Get the contact number of the nearest vet handy, and the location should not be too far from your house.

You must be aware of operational hours and know how to get your pet there in the fastest way possible. You must also prepare a list of the resources that might be useful in case your poet has a poison-related emergency like ASPCA Poison Control, etc.

These are some tips that, if followed properly, can help you to enjoy your holiday and celebrations while keeping your pet safe and sound. You must be prepared for the worst-case scenario so that you don’t get puzzled in case of any emergency.  Ask all other members to be cooperative, so that together you all can make it big. Please let’s know how you keep your pet safe and sound during the holiday season below in the comment section.

Photo by Andrew Te on Unsplash.